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The Economy and Financial Markets 2019 Outlook… On the Precipice

The report, titled: “On the Precipice!” presents scenario-based projections for the economy largely dependent on the outcome of the general elections. At present, the race appears to be keenly contested by the incumbent party – APC – and the major opposition party – PDP. Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain: the winner must hit the ground running with the energy and political will to implement market-driven reforms that will boost economic growth and development. Anything short of this will likely send the economy into a cycle of contraction from which the path to recovery may extend through a generation.

Afrinvest Nigerian Banking Sector Report 2018

The 2018 Nigerian Banking Sector Report… “An Economic Agenda for a New Government”

The 13th edition of the Afrinvest Nigerian Banking Sector Report titled, “An Economic Agenda for A New Government,” takes a critical look at the banking sector, which has remained resilient through recent economic travails. The report also delves deep into the challenges facing the Nigerian economy and proffers actionable solutions in 7 critical areas.


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