Afrinvest Plutus Fund Dividend

Afrinvest Plutus Fund Pays 3rd Dividend to its Subscribers in 2018

Lagos, October 22, 2018 – Afrinvest Asset Management is pleased to announce that the Plutus Fund has paid its 3rd dividend payment for Q3:2018 at a rate of 11% per annum.


This is in line with the Fund’s objectives to meet the needs of majority of the Nigerian population to preserve capital, develop a profitable savings culture; and provide a comfortable nest egg for themselves and their families in the simplest and safest way possible


The Afrinvest Plutus Fund is an open-ended money market fund approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). With a minimum subscription of N5,000, the Afrinvest Plutus Fund invests low-risk, short-term investment instruments like Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, etc.


The Afrinvest Plutus Fund offers benefits including:

  1. Consistent quarterly income: profits from the fund will be distributed every 3 months as dividend which you can reinvest.
  2. Compound interest: interest in the next period is earned on your initial investment plus previously accumulated interest.
  3. Capital preservation: you gain access to a diversified, low-risk portfolio which minimises exposure to capital loss.
  4. Professional management: our team of highly skilled experts are dedicated to optimising yields on the Fund.
  5. Competitive returns: you can leverage on a pool of resources to enjoy greater rewards.
  6. Easy entry & exit: you can sell or buy units of the Fund at a constant price of N100 at any time you want.

More so, you can invest from anywhere in the world for yourself, your loved one or even your business.


To subscribe to the Afrinvest Plutus Fund, fill the subscription form here.


Alternatively, you can call Chris on 0808 591 9106; or Tosin on 0817 988 1689.


You can also send us an e-mail at