Business Philosophy

At AAML, Africa is neither ‘exotic’ nor ’fringe’. We are and will continue to be focused exclusively on the region and on financing African businesses and projects. This dedicated approach enables us to understand the specific risks, limitations and challenges of each opportunity.

Whilst many international financial institutions view Africa mainly in terms of risk, our approach is to identify first the genuine opportunities present in the region and then to evaluate and manage any risks.

We invest significant time and resources in monitoring social, political, macro-economic and commercial events that could affect the activities of our clients. We share this knowledge with clients and partners on an on-going basis through regular dialogue and written publications, as well as bespoke research. Local market knowledge and research is fundamental for our success, as well as being an important tool for both advisory and trading activities.

AAML has developed a close working relationship with most of the international institutional debt and equity capital providers with an interest in Africa. Clients can thus be confident of benefitting from an informed and focused approach to accessing relevant international investors and lenders.

As guiding principle, Afrinvest Asset Management Limited is driven by the core values of professional excellence, integrity, team work, entrepreneurship, commitment and strong corporate governance.

Our Products and Services

Our objective is to provide our clients with impartial advice tailored to their specific needs.


This independence, allied to extensive knowledge of local markets and long relationships with major international banks and financial institutions, enables us to offer cost effective and relevant solutions…