Our Products and Services

Our objective is to provide our clients with impartial advice tailored to their specific needs. This Independence, allied to extensive knowledge of local markets and long relationships with major international banks and financial institutions, enables us to offer cost effective and relevant solutions.

We currently offer the following products and services:

Nigeria International Debt Fund (NIDF)

The Nigeria International Debt Fund is a distinct investment product, originally created as a closed-ended fund in 1997 and was restructured in 2010 to an open-ended fund.

The fund has also incorporated State bonds in its portfolio. The emergence of State bonds is currently gaining popularity as various states aim to fund large projects with targeted issuances.

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Afrinvest Equity Fund (AEF)

It secured the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to operate as an open ended fund on 12 February 2009, and commenced operations in March of the same year.

AEF commenced operations as an open ended fund in March 2009. As set out in the Trust Deed, the AEF primarily invests in stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (“NSE”) with prospects for short to medium term capital appreciation.

As an active fund, it is permitted to hold up to 90% of its total assets in stocks (mostly blue chip companies) under favourable market conditions, with no more than 10% invested in a single company at any point in time.

Afrinvest Equity Fund



Private Investment Club

Private Investment Club Logo

The Private Investment Club an investment scheme that pools funds from staff/group of people/friends for investment in preferred asset class(es). It is aimed at encouraging steady investment. When a group of people pool their funds together, their capital sum increases. Hence, their interest rate is subsequently follows this trend.

It grants investors access to professional management irrespective of investment size. The Plan is designed to be open-ended and can be automated.

It offers staff an easy, convenient and guaranteed investment opportunity and can be customized to meet specific needs.



Target Project Plan

TPP Product Logo

The Target Project Plan (TPP) is an investment product specifically designed to enable people plan, invest and have the money needed to execute their projects.

It works with a strategy mapped out according to customized details of each project.

If your target is to purchase of a plot of land, construct of a residential / office building, purchase of a Car, undertake a major business. TPP can help you achieve that.



Individual Managed Portfolio Accounts

The AAML Individual Managed Portfolio Account “IMP” is designed for high net-worth clients with a minimum investment of N25 million

It allows the client to enjoy the dual benefits of professional management and the direct ownership of the underlying securitie

Each portfolio is a customized sinterpretation of our clients unique risk tolerance and personal preferences.

We are able to customize each portfolio to include/exclude any particular sector or company the client may request while meeting the consequent loss in potential returns of the portfolio.

Afrinvest Guaranteed Investment Portfolio

The Afrinvest Guaranteed Investment portfolio is a short term investment account that offers competitive guaranteed return on capital and invests in fixed income and money market instruments like commercial papers, Bankers’ Acceptances, and other secure interest-earning products.

The near cash-cash nature of its underlying assets ensures that investors’ fund are liquid and at the same time profitable.

This product is suitable for risk-averse investors who desire value appreciation with minimal exposure to losses and unstable market conditions.