Afrinvest Plutus Fund

The Afrinvest Plutus Fund

The Afrinvest Plutus Fund is a money market fund that allows you to invest in low-risk securities with as low as N5,000. With this sum, you too can gain access to a diversified portfolio of short-term, highly liquid investment instruments like Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers’ Acceptance, among others. You can increase your income with dividend payments every 3 months on profits from the Fund.


The Fund is approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission, and your funds are safeguarded by a Custodian Bank. You can get a copy of the prospectus here.


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See Financial Statements as at 31 December 2019



  • Professionally managed: our team of highly skilled experts are dedicated to optimise yields on the Fund
  • Consistent quarterly income: profits from the fund will be distributed every 3 months which you can reinvest.
  • Capital preservation: access to a diversified, low-risk portfolio minimises exposure to capital loss.
  • Invest for someone: you can invest for anyone, anywhere and even for your business.
  • Competitive returns: leverage on a pool of resources to enjoy greater rewards.
  • Easy entry & exit: sell or buy units of the Fund at a constant price of N100 at any time you want


How to Invest

  • Download the Afrinvest Plutus Fund subscription form here.
  • Return the completed form and relevant KYC documentation to us either by email ([email protected]) or to any of our offices.
  • Upon receipt of the documents your account will be opened and we will communicate it to you.


Speak with an Afrinvest Financial Advisor today: +234 (1) 270 1680