Afrinvest Income Portfolio

About the Afrinvest Income Portfolio (AIP) – (Naira & USD)

The Afrinvest Income Portfolio (“or AIP or the Portfolio”) is an income portfolio that seeks to preserve investors’ capital with a steady/attractive return on investment for a contract to lock in the funds for a specified period. The interest is then paid periodically based on the preference of the client. The AIP is a short-term investment portfolio that offers competitive interest rates. The portfolio invests in fixed income and money market instruments such as commercial papers, Bankers’ Acceptances, and other secure interest-earning products.


The near cash-cash nature of its underlying assets ensures that investors’ funds are liquid and at the same time profitable. This product is suitable for risk-averse investors who desire value appreciation with minimal exposure to losses and unstable market conditions.



  • Offers competitive interest on investment capital
  • Short-term investments – This enables the investor to benefit from superior rates whilst still maintaining a liquid position.
  • The interest payment is back end thereby eliminating re-investment risk
  • Additions to and withdrawals from investments are acceptable (subject to 20% penalty on accrued interest for withdrawals made before maturity)
  • Principal + interest is paid back within 24 hours of maturity
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Cost-effective
  • No administrative charges or fees
  • Minimum investment amount (N500,000) for AIP Naira
  • Minimum investment amount ($25,000) for AIP USD



  • Capital Preservation
  • Competitive return on investment
  • Easy conversion of investment to other asset classes
  • Flexible structure with variable investment tenors
  • Assets are domiciled with a custodian


How to Invest

  • New investors, download the AIP subscription form here.
  • Return the completed form and relevant KYC documentation to us either by email ([email protected]) or to any of our offices.
  • Upon receipt of the documents your account will be opened and we will communicate it to you.


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